Trash the Dress- A Fair Name??

Trash the Dress- A Fair Name??

More and more brides are considering a Bridal Portrait Session or Trash the Dress session on a separate date from their wedding. With the whirlwind of events on the wedding day, getting relaxing photos with a variety of backgrounds can be quite a challenge.

Some brides cringe at the suggestion of a Trash the Dress session. But does this name really do justice to the extraordinary images that can be produced when a bride is not afraid to get a little dirty?

Some brides may choose to take a mud bath, roll in paint, or shred their dress, but don’t feel that you have to go to extremes to ruin your wedding gown during a photo session….. unless you really want to!

Even when diving into the water, lying on rocks and in trees, you are honestly not likely to trash your dress anymore than you already have from your wedding by dragging the bottom of it along the floor and dancing. So, don’t be afraid to get those beautiful, unique shots, let loose, and show your style!

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