The First Look…Is It Worth It?

The first look wedding photos are becoming more and more enticing, as couples long for romantic and intimate pictures to treasure for the rest of their lives. Many will choose not to do The First Look photos for superstitious or religious reasons, but let’s take a moment to discuss the importance of having this memory captured in a more intimate setting.

Groom Awaiting first lookDoing a first look picture before the ceremony will ensure good quality pictures without interference. The look that the bride and groom exchange seeing each other moments before they say ” I do ” is extremely emotional and, if captured during The First Look session, can truly be remarkable. Also, having two photographers will enable capturing the bride and the groom seeing each other at the same time. And it also prevents people from leaning in the aisle and blocking the view of the bride from her groom.

Doing this session before walking down the aisle will help to settle those butterflies most couples get during the ceremony. These pictures can be taken in a more intimate setting where there will be no spectators to cause any sort of distractions. This ensures the newly wedded couple to have beautiful bride and groom pictures. Wedding party viewing bride and groom first lookGroom seeing bride for first time

Because the most important pictures are going to be the bride and groom, the First Look photos should be top priority. The reason this should be a top priority is because you want to look freshly pressed in your photos.

One final benefit in doing The First Look session is that you will be able to quickly get to the reception and enjoy the festivities with your guests. This could potentially save money for you by skipping  the cocktail hour if needed.  In the end, you will be able to enjoy your reception and the meal that you have chosen with your guests, all the while knowing that your bride and groom pictures will look their best. Less stress equals an enjoyable reception where you can let loose and have a little fun. For more first look picture ideas, visit the Farrah’s Photography Facebook page.


First Kiss


The pictures on this blog were taken by Farrah’s Photography and Event Services, at Colonial Estate, in Maryville TN.

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